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Saturday, September 12th,  11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Guest check-in begins at 11:00. All guests should be checked in and seated by 11:30.

Radisson Hotel Riverfront (Keeneland/Derby Room)  668 West 5th Street Covington, KY 41011

What is this event about?

MedPro Pain Free Clinics are designed to educate audiences about the growing epidemic of chronic pain in America. Delivered by a qualified physician, presentations will address common mobility issues, describe how debilitating these matters can be, and offer a diverse set of activities and solutions that can be implemented to help manage or alleviate the pain. Upon the conclusion of each lecture, guests will have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenting specialist in an open forum. Developed by NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender, the JBIT MedPro is what enabled him to return to the league after four years of forced retirement caused by persistent knee pain. Although Jonathan had access to the country’s top medical professionals, it was his own invention that catapulted his rehabilitation and relaunched his career.

Who should attend?

• Those who suffer from (or know someone who suffers) knee, hip, back/sciatica or shoulder pain

• Those who treat patients who suffer from pain

• Individuals and medical professionals/clinics that are interested in becoming a MedPro affiliate

What does it cost?

The MedPro Pain Free Clinic is FREE. However, all guests must register and are required to present a ticket at the event entrance. Please register online at Eventbrite.com [search the word “MedPro” with your location set to “Cincinnati”]. Or, if you are receiving this information electronically, you can click the Register Now button below.

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Cincinnati Rocked JBIT MedPro Clinic

JBIT MedPro Affiliates in Cincinnati, OH were stoked about hosting their second Pain Free Clinic November 8th, 2014.  Over 40 people joined them to learn about the device and inventor, former NBA star Jonathan Bender.  Attendees watched an informational demonstration of the MedPro device, heard testimonials, and got to take the device for a test drive.

After a gracious welcome by Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Team Leader, Bambi Merz, Terry McCoy introduced everyone to some of the more technical aspects of the MedPro device.

Mr. McCoy explained that the MedPro device helps to self-manage chronic pain and empower individuals to take ownership of their exercise program and to aid in their overall well-being.  In addition, Mr. McCoy spoke about how the MedPro device enables individuals to improve their overall mobility, ease their pain and feel more balanced.

Nothing was more impactful, or resonating, than the testimonial given by Jennifer Romer, a MedPro Affiliate that started using the device because of the chronic pain she deals with due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Scoliosis.  You can see her short, heartfelt talk below.

The fun really started when attendees got a chance to feel like Neil Armstrong.  The sensation of “walking on the moon,” is a consistent comment for many that try the device on for the first time.  This sensation, coupled with the lack of pressure on the joints and lower back, is why many feel instant relief of knee pain and/or lower back pain.

But don’t take our word for it!  Pain Free Clinics are popping up all over the country…Pensacola, Houston, Charleston, and more. Just go to Eventbrite, search for JBIT MedPro to find a Clinic near you!


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