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Hello, here you will find some of my favorite blogs and websites. Many of these bloggers and/or website owners I know personally or have worked with over the years. The resources and tools these individuals and organizations have brought into my life have been very powerful. Some have even been life changing. Check some of them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

If you want to “get the word out” about your product or service while gaining maximum, long-term exposure, we should probably have a conversation.
I work with serious minded, focused individuals that are truly trying to reach a better position in life. If you are tired of being sold and told of “opportunities” – a word that, frankly, is a grossly over utilized and incorrectly applied – then you are already in the proper mindset.

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The MS Fitness Challenge (MSFC) was birthed from David Lyons’ MS Bodybuilding Challenge and his wife, registered nurse, Kendra’s desire to help others who suffer from multiple sclerosis. His bodybuilding challenge and his book, David’s Goliath, about his journey as a bodybuilder with MS, are inspirations to others who find trials and obstacles in life too difficult to overcome. David and Kendra founded the MS Fitness Challenge charity organization as a way for others to join them and fight this debilitating disease through health & fitness.

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Conscious Crafties is a online marketplace and support community for creative people living with Chronic Illness, Disability or Caring for loved ones affected. Sell your handmade crafts or promote your skills whilst gaining new friends who understand your struggles.

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Chronic Illness Bloggers is the brainchild of Julie Ryan, of After encountering numerous other blog networks focused on mommies and foodies that had no room for those focused on health and illness, Julie wanted to create something specifically for the chronic illness community.

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