The PainFree Life was started as a result of trying to figure out ways to combat symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.  In my case, MS causes chronic pain, chronic fatigue and due to a long history with scoliosis, it has aggravated my ability to walk normal. 

In the efforts to combat some of these symptoms I started exploring holistic products that were on the market when a friend of mine introduced me to a product that blew my mind.  Because of my excitement for this product, I wanted to share my experience with EVERYONE.  The PainFree Life was born.

Five years later, I am a single mom, out of work and dealing with managing all the things life throws at a single mom of a tweener. 

I won’t lie, things haven’t been easy, but one thing people who don’t know me need to know is I am stubborn, tenacious and a fighter. 

Not only will I fight for myself and my daughter, I will fight for you too. I want the PainFree Life to be your resource to inspire you, motivate you and help you.

My Passion

Although the PainFree Life started as a result of a product I loved, it has morphed into something so much bigger for me than just reviewing products.  It has provided me with a platform to not only share my experiences with people that have similar challenges as I do, but it has also given me an opportunity to connect with a huge community of people that are amazing and extraordinary.

These extraordinary people and community that I have been able to connect with over the years has provided me with a drive and a passion to help others.  I would like others to know that you don’t have to be alone dealing with a chronic illness.  There are people out there just like you and me that deal with similar struggles.


My Goals

My goal for the PainFree Life is to be the #1 go to resource for you and your family and friends that deal with the challenges of living day to day with a chronic illness.  Life isn’t always easy in general, but with a chronic illness, it can make life just that much harder.

I want to inspire you, motivate you and let you know that you are not alone!

I want to provide you with inspiring stories of others who are persevering through life.  I want to provide information about products that are out on the market that may be helpful.  I want to provide other tools and resources that may help to make your chronic illness journey a little easier.