About TPFL

20140413_075638Living a healthy and active lifestyle has been a key focus in my life since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis January 2008. Going to the gym, eating the right nutritious foods and practicing overall wellness methods have all played important roles over this last 7 years. There however have been periods of emotional pain and physical pain related to my activities and my many other health issues. Other causes included bad sleeping habits, not stretching and out of alignment of my overall posture. Having realized the seriousness of my MS, my years of dealing with scoliosis, I became more aware of the ongoing dilemma with many people suffering from far more serious chronic pain. Every year Millions suffer from pain related to shoulder, knee, back, joint, hip and Sciatica pain with this number growing each year. With current medical costs going up, personal rehabilitation has taken a priority for the masses. Having seen my own family members suffer from chronic pain, I have always wanted to find a solution that could help relieve the pain associated with these symptoms and aid in the rehabilitation and overall conditioning. This ongoing mission finally led me to the JBIT MedPro!

Hello, my name is Jennifer, I live in Cincinnati with my husband of almost 20 years and our beautiful little girl Abigail

I started blogging last summer when I was introduced to the MedPro.  After being asked to a Pain Free Clinic by a new friend, my first thought was, “How much is this going to cost me?”  My second thought was, “I wonder what they mean by Pain Free?”  And most importantly, I was going to go to support a new friend, who is now my biggest fan, mentor, supporter and cheerleader!

It was not very surprised to learn they were trying to sell me something…..I walked in not planning on buying for anything, let alone every signing up for something that was going to cost me money out of pocket each month.  1.  I was unemployed and a graduate student.  2. I didn’t have the cash!!  But, because I had such great respect for my new friend, I was more than happy to help out.  And, in all honesty, if someone was going to show me something that would help my chronic pain, I was going to, at the very least take notes!

Well, all of this changed when I tried this “contraption,” on as my daughter likes to call it.  I was an instance believer!  I instantly had no pressure on my lower back, and my limping was better than before I walked in the door.  I had mentioned earlier, I wasn’t planning on buying anything….but I couldn’t help bust out the plastic for this one!

As an individual that has gone through several rounds of physical therapy, aquatic therapy, myo-fascial therapy, I instantly was able to realize the many benefits this device had to offer for people like me and everyone else in between.

I brought the MedPro home, I put it on, and I started taking notes.  For the next 6 weeks, I documented my progress, from how it felt when wearing it, to some of the changes I experienced in my walking and my ability to stand and climb stairs.

I had heard about blogging, but had never done it.  So, I started with eblogger and quickly moved over to WordPress.  With WordPress, I was able to tell my story and provide people that deal with some of the same health issues as me a little hope.

As my experience with the JBIT MedPro progressed, I knew I needed some way to get my story out to a wider audience.  I used my “plastic” again and signed on as an affiliate.

As an affiliate, many more people can hear my story.  Many more people will see that hope is possible.  Living a full filled life is doable.  It just takes the right influences, tools, motivators and supporters.

Influences, tools, motivators and supporters are what I have found by being a part of the MedPro team.  More specifically the online team.  I have my cheerleaders locally that are always there to support me and lift me up and I also have my online cheerleaders who make sure that my messages gets propelled forward.