MS Relief

I met Linda when I was promoting the JBIT MedPro.  Like me, Linda saw the benefits and she contacted me.  Upon speaking with Linda I learned she had her own website, MS Relief.  She was providing so many people with amazing content, not only to help them deal with their disability but also to be a supporting force during their journey.  I was very excited to know Linda and also find someone that had MS like I did, even though she lives in Alaska.

Over the years, like for most people, life gets in the way.  MS Relief was ended.  When I learned this, I was very disappointed to learn all this amazing content was going to disappear. 

This is where the PainFree Life comes in.  Linda has graciously agreed to allow me to post her content on the PainFree Life.  So, all this amazing content that Linda generated over the years will not be lost. 

If there is an article from MS Relief that you are looking for, please follow the link below to find them all.

Please take a moment to read Linda’s story.