Jennifer Presents At the Pain Free Clinic In Houston, TX

 The VP of Sales, Ricky Bennett asked if I would present my story in Houston during one of the company’s training weekends.  I was scared and worried for several reasons, but you don’t say no the the VP of Sales.

Of course I said “yes,” now I had to contend with my fears.  One of them was standing up in front of a room full of people.  I have only done that a couple of times in my life and it wasn’t nearly as important as I felt that this opportunity was.  My other fear, the one that was scarier than any other, was getting through the airports.

As anyone who travels knows, there is a lot of walking involved.  I know this may seem silly to some, fearing walking through airports, but when you deal with chronic pain like I do, and your ability to walk is compromised, airports become a daunting task to deal with.  But it was more important for me to get my story out there than it was fearing the travel.

I wasn’t sure that I could wear my MedPro without getting stopped at security, so I opted not to wear it.  I do feel I would have done better walking had I worn it, but my fear of security taking it was greater.  So off I went to CVG.

It was hard walking through the airport, but getting to my gate and then being able to sit down before I got onto the plane, helped.  Now getting through Charlotte in enough time to make my connection, well, that didn’t happen.  I believe had I not stopped to go to the bathroom, I probably would have made it.  However, the lady behind the desk was really sweet and got me on the next flight and offered me assistance to the other gate which was way over on the other side of the airport.  I didn’t say anything to her, she noticed my struggles and was very kind.

I made my flight and landed in Houston about 45 minutes later than my earlier flight.  The shuttle ride to the hotel was quite exciting, I felt like a piece of popcorn being popped as crazy a driver as the shuttle driver was.  I did however talk with a local women about places to eat over the weekend and I talked with an attorney that deals in malpractice cases for healthcare field.


When I did finally get to my hotel, I was very excited to meet all the people I work with for the online training calls.  It was so nice to put a face to a name.  It has been a long time since I have been out of town, let alone meet some amazing people.  I had just as much fun with them in person as I do with them over the phone.

Saturday was the big day.  I found out that morning I was presenting twice.  The first presentation was about introducing my buddy Max.  Max is the one that has been facilitating the online classes.  I got to introduce him because he and I have been working really close with getting everyone’s websites online.  I always have a smile with I get to work with him.  Max and I have so much fun.

The second presentation, which is the video you can see on this page was the important one.  The second presentation was my opportunity to tell my story.  My story isn’t about me, my story is to help inspire, motivate and provide people hope when they take action.  Knowing all the challenges I face and still move forward, I will someone else hearing my story feeling that if I can do it so can they.


Sunday was our last day, only devine intervention could explain how I ended up at Joel Olsteens’ church that Sunday morning.  I went downstairs with the intent of grabbing coffee and flopping back in bed for another hour, however, that was not what happened at all.  I went downstairs, dressed, no socks, no shower, no brushed hair, and the next thing I knew, I was in a car with Bryan heading to church.  It was an amazing service, the people were awesome, and the person I went with couldn’t have been more sweet.

My weekend in Houston was amazing!  The people, the food, the training, the presentations, and everything in between, I couldn’t have had more fun if I was in Disneyland!

A huge shout out to Ricky Bennett for working so hard in putting such an amazing event together and also asking me to speak!  A shout out to everyone I got to meet and all the new people I was introduced to!  And lastly, thanks to Bambi, Steve and my Buddy Max for putting up with me and believing in my, even on the days I don’t believe in myself!!  You guys are my Rock Stars and my Cheerleaders!!!  Thanks so much to you guys specifically, and to everyone else I met that weekend!!!  You are all amazing, and I look forward to having an AMAZING 2015 with JB3 Innovations!!!!

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