Your Chronic Pain Tip of the Day

Because I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and scoliosis (among other things),  I understand what the word chronic pain means. I also understand that alleviating chronic pain is a lot easier said than done.  As a mom with a strong willed child. I get warn out easily. Although I am still walking, it depletes my energy.  When my energy gets depleted, the pain becomes worse.  the last thing I want to do is exercise, go to the gym or use some device that promises miracles or will ware me out even more.

By the end of the day, my stress is up, my energy is down and my pain levels are out of control.  My path of least resistance would be to pop a pill, but my fear of addiction keeps me away.  So I wanted to find other alternatives to taking medications. I wanted to find alternatives that don’t limit us based on the cost.  And if there is a “contraption” out there that wants to convince me that it’s lofty claims are valid, then they better send me one and I will put it through it’s paces.

My original mission for the Pain Free Life was to be a resource for people that deal with chronic illnesses, to provide resources and to provide a sense of community so that if you did have a chronic illness you wouldn’t be alone.  I feel that I have missed the target a little.  So, I wanted to try something and I am going to start with chronic pain, because many of us that deal with chronic illness also deal with chronic pain.

For the next 30 days, I want to provide daily tips that can help alleviate your pain.  These tips could be some kind of essential oil to working out to meditation.  These tips are going to be practical and manageable.  I am not going to be posting miracle cures or making lofty promises.  I will be providing practical, measurable tips that you can do.   These tips won’t cost you any money, or very little money.

I am going to allow comments for this post only.  If you have any tips or tricks that you use to help alleviate your pain and it is a pharmaceutical, please share in the comments below.  I would be happy to research it and maybe post something about it during these 30 days.

April 8th I will be starting 30 days of tips and tricks for fatigue.