Common Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue

Feeling tired all day and everyday is not a way for anyone to live. Each day I get up and I don’t feel any more rested than I was when I went to bed the night before. I am lucky to have “wake-up” meds available through my insurance, but not everyone can afford them, even if they have insurance. So, do you feel tired all the time, do you struggle to sleep, struggle to concentrate, let us take a look at common symptoms of fatigue.

  • Feeling Extremely Exhausted – feeling exhausted is normal at the end of the day, but if you are someone that deals with chronic fatigue it can be much worse. Getting through the day can make you may feel like all your energy reserves have been depleted.
  • You Are Not Getting A Good Night’s Sleep – You may have trouble falling asleep or even waking up through the night. Lack of sleep only exacerbates the fatigue. You may not feel any better than you did the night before. 
  • You Have Trouble Concentrating – Brain fog, being forgetful or easily distracted can all be symptoms if you deal with chronic fatigue.
  • Simple Chores Zap All Your Energy – It doesn’t take much to drain all my energy on the days I do housework. Depending on how much work that gets done on those days, I may spend the next day laying around. It can be a struggle to get things done with you don’t have much energy.
  • Difficulty Balancing – Chronic fatigue has the potential to make you feel unsteady when standing and walking.
  • Chronic Pain – If you are someone that deals with chronic fatigue, it may explain why you may struggle with muscle, joint and or headache pain.

Fatigue is my worst symptom I deal with. So many of the above symptoms affect me. I am always looking for different things to help minimize these symptoms. Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue I struggle with the most. In regards to the pain, exercise, swimming, physical therapy, myo-fascial therapy, aquatic therapy and cranio-sacral therapy are things that I have done to help minimize it. The chronic fatigue, I have meds I take, but they don’t always help, so trying bee pollen and a couple specific essential oils can be helpful.

Regardless of which symptoms you deal with, they are no fun and can so effect your daily life. If you would like more information on this subject, please follow the link below.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome