BBoy Krust Dog 360 Reviews the JB3 MedPro Intensive Trainer

Bboy Krust Dog 360 is one of the best breakers on the West Coast.  An avid Xbox 360 gamer, he plays under the name  If this name seems familiar to you, you probably have been beat by him in games like NFL, Fight Night, and Halo, just to name a few.

In this video, he is changing things up and reviewing the JB3 MedPro Intensive Trainer.  He explains how this has been good for his knees and that because it transfers all the energy to the muscles, there is no need to do high impact exercises.  By just putting this device on and walking around you get a decent workout because of the resistance bands.

You can wear this device when you are dancing and playing Dance Central on the Xbox.  This combination is great for your leg muscles.