Review: Therapy and Fitness Device Slam Dunk

Originally Posted by MDT  April 2014

Rapid sales, market share and corporate growth reported for ‘JBIT MedPro’—a medical device company led by former pro-athlete turned successful CEO, Jonathan Bender; Ex-NBA player’s clinically-proven invention provides relief of chronic shoulder, back, hip, knee, joint and sciatica pain when used alone or as complement to formal medical rehabilitation, physical therapy, and fitness regimens

JB3 Innovations, a product development company focused on medical rehabilitation, physical therapy, and fitness training solutions that’s spearheaded by former NBA pro turned inventor and entrepreneur Jonathan Bender, today announced the company is realizing extraordinary demand and sales growth for its therapeutic JBIT MedPro device designed to aid in the relief of chronic shoulder, back, hip, knee, joint and sciatica pain. Having launched in December 2013 as an enhanced version of the company’s flagship JB Intensive Trainer device, which continues to be merchandised nationally in brick-and-mortar “Relax the Back” retail stores among other outlets, the addition of the upgraded JBIT MedPro device has catapulted the company over the past six months, having realized exponential 60% growth, month over month, and established a direct sales pipeline-based forecast of 40% growth through the end of the June.

In another notable new development, the JBIT MedPro also now includes an optional home therapy service, providing even more options for consumers. The company’s newly launched Boost Therapy program avails affordable on-line therapy sessions on the JBIT MedPro Web site for people to follow while using their equipment either at home or while traveling. The company is currently releasing three unique physical therapy videos per week that all focus on reducing osteoarthritis, lower back, hip and shoulder pain caused by injury or overexertion.  The entire Boost Therapy program video series features advice and instruction by a licensed doctor of physical therapy.

“The early success of the JBIT MedPro is due to its versatility—it’s for anyone seeking relief from joint pain as well as those desiring to increase their physical fitness,” says JB3 Innovations CEO and product inventor Jonathan Bender, who conceived the product due to knee pain he experienced as a professional athlete playing for both the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks NBA teams. “Far beyond its clear value current and former athletes for whom joint pain is nearly universal, this device is for anyone at all who suffers from chronic orthopedic issues, including seniors, those with nagging injuries, everyday fitness enthusiasts and even those in the workplace where sitting at a desk or more physical demands cause persistent pain. Then, beyond the pain relief aspect, the device is also an innovative and effective way to integrate fitness into daily life and garner the benefits of rehabilitation therapy from anywhere. It’s a perfect complement to a weight loss plan.”

The success of the JBIT MedPro is no surprise given its roots. So debilitating was the pain in Jonathan Bender’s knees that, after 7 years playing in the NBA, he took a 4-year retirement. Not one to sit idle or suffer helplessly, during this time Bender worked with scientists and engineers to painstakingly develop a first-of-its-kind rehabilitative product to address joint pain and physical limitation problems that, even today, cannot be rectified with any other physical therapy device on the market.  While using his own product prototype—now coined the “JBIT MedPro”—Bender became fit enough to re-enter the NBA, where he played for another year with the New York Knicks.  Amazingly, when the team doctors did strengthening tests on Bender, they discovered he had the strongest lower extremities on the team!  But, this time around things had changed. Bender had the entrepreneurial bug and the game just didn’t mean as much to him as it used to. So, at the ripe age of 29 and to the surprise of many, Bender again retired and the former NBA hopeful—the “boy wonder” who had shocked everyone by making the top-5 of the ’99 Draft— channeled all of his energy and stunning work ethic into further developing, refining and marketing his medical device that is now making extraordinary industry strides and helping individuals throughout the U.S. effectively and easily alleviate joint pain.

Test results are proof positive. During biomechanical analysis performed at Purdue University, the JBIT MedPro design performed extraordinarily well. “It actually takes pressure off the knees by evening out the load and making the legs work the way they’re supposed to work,” noted Eric Nauman, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University.

How the JBIT MedPro Works

The rapid marketplace acceptance of the JBIT MedPro is spurred by its unique design, which serves a dual purpose of relieving pressure from the joints by delivering a zero gravity field that is just like being in water or in outer space.  It acts as an “external hamstring” while also delivering constant resistance to strengthen the core and lower extremity muscles.

The innovative device adapts to a person’s natural movements for daily wear to relieve chronic joint pain and/or to reach fitness training goals. Completely portable, it adjusts to the body’s natural motion, making it ideal for everyday wear. And, given its adjustable fit, multiple levels of resistance and padded back support that includes a convenient hot/cold gel pack, the JBIT MedPro is as comfortable as it is functional.


The JBIT MedPro addresses a multitude of specific needs, including:

  • Back pain/Sciatica – Placing external resistance against the waist belt, the JBIT MedPro triggers core musculature to activate. The JBIT MedPro also provides proprioceptive feedback, helping users find their ideal pelvic position. These dual actions can result in the removal of pressure from the spine, as well as the leg pain associated with sciatica.
  • Knee pain – Exercising with the JBIT MedPro provides both eccentric and concentric contractions.These contractions, in turn, recruit the quadricep muscles, helping to protect the knee.
  • Hip pain – Placing resistance on the lower extremities, the JBIT MedPro requires the muscles surrounding the pelvis to contract, helping to strengthen and support the hips.
  • Weight loss – The JBIT MedPro generates added resistance with every step while walking or jogging, resulting in a higher caloric burn and allowing for the possibility of faster results.
  • Shoulder pain – Using the JBIT MedPro’s upper component will help recruit, engage and, in turn, strengthen shoulder muscles. As a result, the device helps relieve shoulder joint pain and decreases the likelihood of developing rotator cuff issues.