Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress

We burn oxygen as a fuel.  The by-product is the cells missing an electron.  These cells missing an electron are called Free Radicals.  These free radicals will try to find the missing electron. 


Experts estimate that each cell will receive 10,000 free radical attacks each hour of every day.  Antioxidants are our bodies’ defense against destructive free Radicals. An antioxidant will donate the extra electron, rendering the Free Radical harmless.


Research proves that 80% of all debilitating disease is caused by Free Radical damage.   Our bodies naturally provide some antioxidants, but because of the stress we put on our bodies, we need more. Common  stressors are sunlight, pesticides, pollution, airline travel, medications, unhealthy food choices, food additives, x-rays, chlorine in treated water, mercury in seafood and teeth fillings, smoking and lack of exercise are some causes of stress.


Natural antioxidants are found in food sources, vegetables.  To measure the power of foods to absorb free radicals, scientists have developed the ORAC, Oxidation Radical Absorption Capacity.


The most common vegetables with strong antioxidants are Tomatoes, Spinach, Grapes.