Life…….In the Blink of An Eye!!

This week really ended an a fabulous note!  I completed this quarter of grad school and got A’s in both my classes.  The weather wasn’t too hot, the sun was out and I was finally free of constant homework.  That day couldn’t have gotten much better.  Saturday morning however, was a little bit more somber.  Although, everyone on the ground is safe, the same cannot be said for a little bi-plane carrying two people.

A little bi-plane that was working on acrobat maneuvers ended up crashing at the end of our street.  So grateful that the families in the two houses where the plane crashed didn’t get hurt.  Both families have young kids.

From what I have heard, one of the people that died in the crash had three young children.  If you pray, please pray for these two men’s families.  They just lost a dad, a husband, a son.  So sad, so unexpected.

Life really can be a matter of a “blink of an eye!”  We all spend so much time worrying about all the stuff we have, want, need, we don’t all worry about the important things, the people in our lives that love us, the people we love.

How much time do you spend playing with your kids, dogs, husband, other family members?  Now, how much time do you sit in front of the computer, your cell phone, your tablet?  Do you sit at the table as a family, but everyone is looking at their electronic device.  I am just as guilty as the rest of this world.  I hate it more than you know.

I find if I turn all my computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets off and concentrate on getting other things done, its not as bad and I end up spending more time playing with my daughter, but like most, it is an addiction, it really takes effort for me to get off all my electronics.

A friend of mine once said….”don’t worry about that….you can do it anytime!”  i think I was trying to fix an electronic….so now, when I get wrapped up in my electronics, that is the phrase that is repeated in my mind and I usually put everything away (if I don’t have homework) and I work on something else, or I play with my daughter….

How much time do you spend in an average day in front of an electronic instead of with the people you love?

Just Curious?