The Last Weekend Before Kindergarten Starts!

This is the last weekend of summer for my daughter before she starts kindergarten. I don’t know who is more excited, me or her? I can’t believe she is starting kindergarten, I remember like it was yesterday, holding her in my arms and not wanting to let her go. Now, she spills out of my arms. She is so independent, if she it things her way, she would be doing everything on her own. She doesn’t seem to understand that at 5.5, there simply are somethings she just can’t do.

She is very articulate, she very much has that engineer mind. That she gets from her daddy. She also gets the “I have to have it my way temper tantrum” from her daddy as well. From me she gets the emotional piece, the problem solving, the empathy, and the blonde hair and blue eyes. She likes to figure out how to fix things like daddy but also likes to go to the theater and she loves to sing and dance like mommy.

I can’t wait to be employed again so that I can take her to experience so many things I love and so many things her daddy loves. Daddy is more “left-brained,” logical, analytical, and objective, while mommy, who is “right-brained” is more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective. Could a girl ask for more well rounded parents?!