March is MS Awareness Month

Unfortunately, multiple sclerosis is showing up all over the world, yet there are many people who aren’t aware of what MS is.  


It’s true, MS is no respecter of persons, people in all walks of life are being diagnosed.  The last word I heard was every three minutes someone is being diagnosed with MS somewhere in the world.


When I was told of the celebrities with MS I was confident MS awareness would increase.  I am also sure more money will be put into research to find a cure.


I don’t have money to donate like the celebrities, but I can help in small way, raising money for the Walk MS 2014.   Like may of you, I’ll walk the four miles (actually get pushed in my wheel chair) to raise money. If you’d like to give a few dollars, click right here to donate!


The four mile walk with friends and family is an event I enjoy every year!