My Name is Emily, and My Mom has MS, This is My Story

My name is Emily and my mom has MS.  I can remember when I was little a nurse would come and visit every day or so to give my mom an IV.  I never really understood what was wrong, but she told me everything would be okay and she was fine.  As I got older I noticed my mom was sick. She couldn’t go outside and play as much as I wanted, but she did her best.  We would, on occasion play basketball and play catch, to the best of her athletic ability haha.  We went to an amusement park twice that I remember, and she didn’t ride the rides, for a reason, I didn’t know. We didn’t stay as long as I wanted because she couldn’t walk for hours on end.  Her MS effects her leg, balance, memory, and ability to withstand heat.

I only remember one time going to the beach with my family when I was little, and we don’t go anymore, but part of that is because we have a pool.  When I was in 5th grade I remember talking to my 5th grade teacher a lot about my mom and her condition.  As a 5th grader I knew what was going on and I knew my mom was fighting an incurable disease.

In 7th grade, I started having problems with my heart.  I got a little taste of what my mom’s life was like.  I went through MRI’s, EEG’s, EKG’s, and lots of blood work because they thought I too had MS.  It turned out to be a hole in my heart and a murmur, but I had a TIA which is a small stroke.  I experienced with my mom what testing she had multiple times, and didn’t have to be alone.  It made me understand better what life with MS for her is like.

When I was 12 my mom started a new medication.  It was a shot she had to give herself.  She asked me to give them to her so it was easier to receive and it scared me to death.  But I knew this was the least I could do to help her ease her pain.  It made my relationship with her closer.  I’ve done things with her that no other child will experience.  Because of my situation, its a bond most kids will not have with their mom.  It makes me love her in a way no other child could.

My freshman year I wrote a paper on MS.  I learned more things than I wanted to know.  I learned what other people go though and what could possibly happen to her.  It has made me realize that every minute I get with her is a gift and I need to spend my time wisely with her.  I realize that her life is very hard, and it makes me cherish what I have.

Today, she gets shots in her back that go directly to the nerve that hurts the most. I hate that she has to do this, but it makes the pain go away for a while, which is great!  She has recently started getting pain in her hands that is tingling and numb.  She had an EMG test done to see what it was.  There was no problem with her nerves, so they ruled it MS.  It makes me sad that there isn’t anything she can do but live with that new pain.

My mom having MS has made my relationship with my dad very close because he does things with me that my mom can’t do.  Im so thankful for an understanding and willing father, and a mother who is so strong and loving.  I wish she didn’t have MS but I wouldn’t have it any other way because of the great relationship and bond we have today.

Love your parents, be compassionate and understanding, and take no time with them for granted!