Stretching for MS

Warm-up, stretch, exercise, stretch, cool down

Here are some of the benefits of stretching:

Some people say that stretching relieves up to 50 percent of Pain. The muscles are elongated with stretching, it helps break up scar tissue, adhesions to help protect area of injury but over time it compresses area and diminishes range of motion.

Stretch, hold 2-20 sec Contract, relax, contract you

Golgi tendon organs are located where tendons and muscle fibers meet. The organ is made of nerves and collagen tissues. The organ’s role is to send messages to the brain on how much energy is required to carry out an activity.

  What spinal reflex is linked to the Golgi tendon organ?

  Muscle stretch reflex. When a muscle is stretched, the golgi tendons stimulate a reflex to shorten the muscle since the body thinks you want to hold the load against the muscle.

PNF  Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

PN asked is an advanced form of flexibility training. Warm-ups are very important and we should not do PNF exercises to increase the flexibility of ‘cold’ muscles.

  •         Improves flexibility – Being flexible is beneficial for everyday life. It allows you to push your body beyond its comfort zone, thus increasing your overall physical ability.
  •         Improves the range of motion in your joints – This provides better balance, which will help keep you mobile and less susceptible to falls.
  •         Improves circulation – Stretching increases the blood flow to your muscles, thus improving your circulation.
  •         Relieves stress – Stretching relaxes tense muscles that often accompany stress. This helps relax the mind as well.
  •         Injury prevention and recovery – Stretching helps condition the muscles and joints, thus helping to prevent injuries and reduce recovery time.
  •         Improves posture and technique– Stretching prevents muscles and joints from seizing up and improves elasticity, allowing better posture and technique.And it doesn’t just end there…
  •         Increased length of relaxed muscles
  •         Increased power and elasticity of our muscles
  •         Increased endurance and metabolism
  •         Assist in achieving better coordination, muscle control and proper technique in sport
  •         Enable your body to perform more with less energy
  •         It simply feels good!

stretching machine and

If you do not stretch your muscles are tight, what does it mean?

  •         Decreased mobility
  •         Decreased muscle metabolism
  •         Decreased muscle coordination
  •         Decrease power “output”
  •         Decreased speed
  •         Increased risk of injuries