MedPro Affiliate inspired

This last week has been just a whirlwind of stuff going on for me.  My daughter started Kindergarten, I am doing an huge Impact study for a non-profit organization and I have officially signed up to be a Medpro Affiliate. I have such great people in my corner cheering me on!  Right now I am building my website and researching content. This journey started earlier this year when a an acquaintance invited me to a Pain Free Clinic.  “A pain free clinic,”  My first thought was, “how much!”  Because I have been unemployed for about 18 months, money is always a concern.  But for me, pain is a greater concern than money.  So, being the skeptic that I am, I figured I would go check it out and just see what the Pain Free Clinic was all about. Everything else is history!  Wearing the JBIT MedPro, I have had better stability, it is easier to walk down 2-3 stairs without hanging on for dear life, and really just walking in general has been easier. I didn’t start off thinking about becoming an affiliate.  I was more interested in how I felt the moment I put the device on for the first time.  I wanted that feeling all the time.  I needed to figure out how to get it. The first time I started to blog, I was talking about the JBIT MedPro.  If I really was having good luck with the MedPro, and I was feeling more positive and hopeful, I wanted everyone to know about this.  This is barely out on the market, so, somebody needed to get the word out, why not someone who actually wears it. I didn’t stop there with the MedPro, the acquaintance that introduced me to this medical device asked to tell my story.  She knew snippets, but she wanted me to write about it.  I have since received so much positive responses from fellow affiliates and others within the company.  As an affiliate I am able to tell my story and a grander scale.  I have hundreds of supports cheering me on and keeping me motivated. Every time I get online for nightly training, it is so motivating.  I am so inspired.   I want to do more.  I want to tell more people.  I want everyone to know about this little medical device that has the potential to alleviate chronic pain.  Why should I be the only one to benefit from the JBIT?  I think everyone who suffers on a day to day basis deserves to see one of these devices in action!  

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