Ora’s Testimony


Back in 2001, I injured my back working with a deaf – blind – special needs girl. She had special needs as she had a tracheotomy and used her feet for her hands.  Although she had hands, she had no mobility in them and very little movement in her fingers.  She actually used her feet as  her hands —which I found out later.

Due to her deafness and blindness at the young age when I worked with her, she really did not have much of any communication.  The way she expressed she did not want to do anything or that she wanted to stop was to inform me by head butting, kicking, or spitting through her trach.  YUCK!!!

One day while in adaptive PE she decided she no longer wanted to  exercise.  She was a smart little lady. She realize my body was out of range for the head butt, kick or to spit on me.  So what did she creatively come up with?  She fell to her right side.  My ‘mother instinct’ kicked in not wanting her to hurt herself….. thus hurting myself.  I injured my L-5, S-1, and  tore my right meniscus.  I was flat on my back for a solid year, unable to work.  I refused the meniscus repairbecause there was a “rash” of them at that time.  I questioned each person I saw how the pain level was after surgery compared to before.  Everyone one of them stated they still had pain –varying degrees of pain of course as each one of us are deal with things differently.

Currently –  I was on pins and needles so to speak  awaiting the arrival of my device earlier this year.  My left know was now ‘talking to  me’ (meaning in pain) because I had been over compensating due to the right torn meniscus.  Exactly what Jonathan Bender was saying above.   I was having trouble with both knees swelling at least two inches.  It started with my right one then the left one had ‘sympathy pains’ I guess.  I just know I found myself on the couch with ice packs on top and bottom of both knees due to the swelling and pain. I had a lot of difficulty sitting on the toilet in my own house.  There were many a time I ‘squatted’ like I do in public places. I am not one for a lot of pain meds, however I was eating 800mg of Motrin like it was candy.   U N T I L —– the JBIT MedPro device finally arrived.

I am proud to say that I have stopped the pain meds!!!! The pain which I  had – I have no longer. I can say that I walk straighter, even when I do  not wear my device.  So I knew already what Tyler said in the interview video Andrews Institute Rehab in Gulf Breeze with Tyler/JBIT MedPro was true before he said that it would help people with arthritis and osteoarthritis.   I am a living testimony of it.

What is the JBIT MedPro, What Does it Do and How Does it Work?

Johnathan Bender stated that it is due to “manipulation.”  Pressure is relieved once your put the device on.  This actually affects you from the hip down to the lower extremities by “redirecting the pressure to the muscles.”

Who  Goes for Rehab?

There are two primary reasons for going to rehab. One is if you have had an injury and the other is if you are going to surgery.  “If it is a joint problem, nine times out of ten they are trying to fire the muscle. They are trying to get them around the joint pain to fire the muscle. Right? So that’s exactly what this device does. It relieves the pressure from that joint, redirects it to the muscle… to activate the muscle, which in turns supports the joints.” The MedPro also allows the hip to be tilted , alleviating lower back pain. When this happens, this prevents us from over compensating.