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Dr. Christian, currently working at Lucas Chiropractic in Wasilla Alaska answered my questions about the hand-held electric massager.  He said there are some massage and stimulation techniques that are shown to relieve a lot of problems and pain.  Massage, even using an electrical hand-held massager can be helpful and feel great if used properly. 


Moderation is the key. As we know that with MS, the myelin has deteriorated and Dr. Christiansen said, “When a vibration goes through the body for a prolonged period of time your nerves may be irritated and possibly damaged.  We may experience a microdamage, not lasting damage, yet if it’s repeated for long periods of time every day for years the nerves could possibly be damaged.”


I learned from Bellevue Massage Therapy that there are challenges with massage for multiple sclerosis.  Every person is different so there no specific massage therapy protocol for people living with MS. The massage therapist must assess and address each individual based on his/her unique set of symptoms.


Besides a electric hand-held massager, many types of massage and bodywork are available. Deep tissue massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles and may bring relief while for others these massage techniques may create worse pain for a few days than they were in before.


A light Swedish massage or gentle therapies such as myofascial are what many of us think of as a relaxing massage.


Bellevue Massage Therapy explaines why massage is beneficial for Multiple sclerosis,  why massage is beneficial for multiple sclerosis, “Massage therapy can play an effective role in reducing both the symptoms of MS and the stress of daily life. For joint stiffness, massage increases blood circulation in muscles around joints, which creates more pliable tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissue.”


Bellevue goes on to tell us that massage makes our tissue more pliable and our joints easier to move so we can stretch and exercise in between massage sessions to maintain a joints range of motion and flexibility.


The muscles may clamp down on the veins which reduces the blood flow and will cause pain. Massage improves the circulation of oxygenated (nutrient rich) blood to muscles and other tissues which will relieve pain.  For muscle weakness or atrophy, it’s important to maintain the integrity of muscle tissue. For spasticity or muscle tension, many massage techniques relax muscles and relieve pain.  Other massage strokes calm the nervous system, which temporarily reduces their exaggerated stimulation of muscle fibers.



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