Going Pain Free With The JBIT MedPro – 1 Year Later

It has been a little more than a year since I first blogged about going pain free with JBIT MedPro. This journey has been very interesting to say the least.  I have not been clear about my direction for a long time, and i can honestly say I am still not clear, but I never thought my journey would go in the direction it has gone!

At the beginning of this journey I was dealing with mild depression (still do from time to time), trying to complete my Master’s degree and starting to consider a walking aid.  But when I was lucky enough to meet my now friend, mentor and cheerleader Bambi, all that changed!  She introduced me to the JBIT MedPro.  I walked into a 1 1/2 hour pain free clinic with one question on my mind, “How much is it going to cost me?”  Not knowing anything other than the title of the clinic, “Pain Free,”  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the information and I could support an acquaintance at the time.

Well, I was right to think, “how much,” but once I put the MedPro on, price wasn’t an issue anymore (that is what plastic is for)!  When I walked into the room and sat down to listen to the presentation I was limping because of my drop foot and standing wasn’t any better because it caused a lot of pressure in my lower back.  Once I put the JBIT MedPro on for the first time, my walking changed, I wasn’t limping as much, I didn’t feel the pressure in my lower back when I was standing.  Had I been hit with a feather, I probably would have fallen over.  I couldn’t believe that by wrapping what looked kind of like a weight belt around my waist and hooking resistance bands to my tennis shoes would provide me with so much relief.  I couldn’t afford it, but I had to have one!  Not only did I have to have one, I was bound and determined to tell other people about it!

This really is where my journey begins.  I came home and the first thing I did was take it out of the box and try it on.  It comes with 3 sets of resistance bands.  When I pulled on the yellow and green, which have a lot more resistance than the white, I was kind of freaking out.  I thought, there was no way I would ever get to yellow, it would pull me to the floor, well, I have been at yellow for a while now, i should probably be wearing green at this point.

I started with the white resistance bands and once a week I would blog about my experience.  It didn’t take long to start noticing changes.  And when my daughter and father in law noticed changes without any prompting from me about only about a week or two of wearing it, I was beginning to realize the MedPro is truly helping me.  During this time I was spending a lot of time at my neurologists office trying to figure out what was going on with my thyroid and when to have surgery on my neck.  Prior to using the MedPro, I couldn’t lift my left leg up for a strength test, 6 weeks later (after having been wearing the MedPro), I did the same strength test and the RN said i have increased strength in my hip flexor muscles.  You may notice these things yourself, but when a nurse can corroborate what you are noticing, it just makes it that much more real.  During this same time I had a partial thyroidectomy, and they want you to sit up in bed and take deep breaths, and normally i would have asked to roll over, but this time, I sat straight up without holding onto anything.

Although these two things may seem insignificant to some, for me, they were hope, they were a chance for me to have a more functional life.  A life that include being active with my daughter.

By the time October rolled around, I moved to the yellow resistance bands.  Those took a little more getting use to than the white one, but after a couple of hours, I could function in them relatively normal. What I noticed with the yellow resistance bands was my core.  The information provide for the JBIT MedPro says “increases core muscles,” well, the skeptic in me said, “ya, right!”  But once again, I was proven wrong.  I stood with my friends Bambi and Steve at a festival for about 5 hours and I lugged everything to and from.  The next day my abdominal muscles felt like I did a core work out.  Boy oh boy was I sore!

Slowly but surely I was gaining strength, not only in my core muscles, but also my legs.  I was able to stand longer, I was much more motivated to take my daughter to the park or go shopping with her.  I could actually stand for an hour or better without too much trouble.  I am constantly challenging the claims that I am hearing about with this device, and this device is constantly proving me wrong.

My most amazing testimonial happened several weeks ago when I got a massage.  You have to understand, a person with MS deals with lots of chronic pain, it doesn’t always manifest itself by walking around, sometimes it shows up when someone is pushing and prodding.  For me, this is the literal truth.  About a month before i started wearing the JBIT MedPro, I had gotten a massage.  It was very painful and to try and relax was not something I was able to do.  it took three days to recover from that massage.  However, recently when I went for a massage, things were totally different.

The day before i had my massage i had gotten a chance to talk with the massage therapists.  I had warned her about all my pain spots and how I cringe if she gets close to them.  I had her kind of nervous by the time we finished our conversation.  The next day when i went in, she started with me on my stomach and I ended up falling asleep.  She hit all my pain spots and although I did feel them, they barely hurt.  I was shocked.  that was the first massage i have had in years without leaving in pain.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.

The JBIT MedPro truly engages all your muscles.  Because I wore it so much, I was constantly engaging my muscles and building strength.  Because of this, when the massage therapist started pushing and rubbing, my muscles were able to handle the pressure being applied to them.  If nothing else, this would be the clincher for my belief in the product.

I was so impressed from the beginning, I signed up to be an affiliate.  I wanted to have an outlet to show people this device.  Signing up as an affiliate has lead to an introduction to an internet guru, which i have been able to hone my computer skills and help other affiliates at the same time.  It has introduced me to some amazing people and has provided me many different projects that I currently work on. This has been an amazing journey and I just hope that other will have an opportunity to learn about the JBIT MedPro and maybe even realize how their life can be changed by the simple little ‘contraption”

My 1st time in a MedPro