Finally Moved to the MedPro Yellow Resistance Bands

I have been using the JBIT MedPro now for about three months and think I am finally ready to move up to the yellow resistance bands. I tried all the bands on when I first got it. I wanted to see the difference in tension between them. And primarily because I thought the white bands (lightest resistance) were too light for me. I quickly found out that I needed to stay with the white bands for a while. The yellow and the green bands were so tight for me I couldn’t hardly move right.

According to a post by Dr. Mercola, resistance bands are made of strong, thin, rubber with handles.  They come in a variety of resistances depending what level of fitness you are att.  The JBIT MedPro resistance bands have three levels, white, yellow and green.  The white bands are the lightest resistance.  I used those for the first three months when I bought my JBIT MedPro.  I have now moved up to the yellow resistance bands.  They provide much more resistances and take a little getting used to.  I am finding them most effective (when I wasn’t quite ready for them) using them while on my elliptical.  I was essentially stationary on the elliptical, so I didn’t have to concentrate on how I was walking.  The third level of resistance bands are green.  They are extremely tight.  I think it may be quite a while before I get into those ones.

Below are just a few of the benefits Dr. Mercola lists:

  1. Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels
  2. Used with Familiar Exercises
  3. Comprehensive Whole-Body Exercises
  4. Add Variety
  5. Can Be Combined with Other Equipment
  6. An Effective Workout


Although the yellow bands are tighter, I am not moving nearly as funny as I was when I first tried them on. They are actually helping me pick my left leg up, which is my weaker leg and the one I have drop foot with. It does feel a little weird, and like I said, I am walking a little funny, but I believe that is because I am just not use to the resistance.

I will post later this week with a follow up to let you all know if I am still walking funny. 🙂