Going Pain Free with the JBIT MedPro Week 4 Update

Hello Everyone,

I am into week 4 of my JBIT MedPro wearing journey.  I did a mid week post because it has been such a rough week.  Earlier this week I over did it and with the humidity around here, well, I wasn’t feeling well at all.  Because I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t wear my “contraption” very much this week.  I will say though, the days I didn’t really made me back slide!  I am just in awe with how much this device has been helping me.  Of course for a physical standpoint, but it is the emotional piece that is blowing me away.

As a patient with MS, depression, fatigue and pain are my reality.  I have meds to help the pain, I have meds to help the fatigue, I’m too stubborn to take meds for the depression.  As a patient with MS, you just treat the symptoms. there is no cure.  Some days can be rough.  I struggle with fatigue the most, which I think is what perpetuates the depression. and you just might as well shoot me on a hot humid day!  It is an endless cycle.

As parents we are always much harder on ourselves than our kids are.  I know my daughter loves me. We do go out and do fun things, but I guess it makes it harder when I see everyone else always on the go.  That use to be me, but I just can’t do that anymore.  I do feel that Abby is missing out sometimes.  I guess being unemployed and broke doesn’t really help.

I am thinking positive always, ok….minus an every once in a while pity party.  I will be done with my graduate degree in December 2014.  I doing have several things I am working on as far as additional income.  I have several puzzle pieces (I like to call them) that I am just waiting to see how they go together.

This is a journey!  I do have lots of supporters and people that love me!  but I think this week is my hard week.  I have those from time to time.  Tomorrow is Sunday!  It is the start of a new week!  I will NOT go more than a day without wearing my JBIT MedPro again!

I really hope all that read this blog will find some hope in their situation, whether it be from pain, or loss, disability.  There is hope out there!  You are worth it to everyone who loves you!  Keep fighting, and know their is someone right beside you struggling too!!

In Ohio our weather is perfect!!  Not too hot, not too humid!!  I am trying to enjoy it before the humidity gets cranked up again!!!

Have a Blessed rest of your Holiday weekend everyone!!

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