Going Pain Free with the JBIT MedPro Week 3 Update

Hello Everyone,

I have officially been wearing the JBIT MedPro for 3 weeks now.  On average I wear it about 4-6 hours a day.  During these 4-6 hours, I go shopping, I work on my house chores, I play with my daughter, all with minimal to no pain.

When I am out in public, the JBIT MedPro is fairly easy to conceal if I’m feeling self conscious that day.  On days I don’t, it can be seen.  Every time I wear it on the outside of my close, I don’t get strange looks, I do however get lots of questions.  This doesn’t bother me because I have been making such great progress, I want everyone to know about it.

One of the difficulties I have had over the past year, that has been getting worse, has been climbing our steep stairs.  I am fine if I don’t have anything in my hands, although still can be difficult at the end of the day when I am tired.  It is almost impossible for me to carry anything up.  But this weekend was different!

On Saturday mornings we usually have a little family time in bed in the morning, so we bring up cinnamon rolls and drinks.  Well…I usually have my 5 year old help me.  But this Saturday was different.  Without even thinking twice, I climb the stairs with two plates of cinnamon rolls in my hands.  I used the rail for leverage.  I was actually able to go up alternating feet.  I only used the rail for balance (that is still out of whack).  When I got to the top, I realized I just climbed the stairs normally.  It did take a little longer, but still, I did it normally.

With this, I know that my leg muscles are getting stronger.  I am so excited.  Once I finish recovering from my herniated disc surgery, I will be doing more workouts.  I have been walking better and have been able to walk longer with not nearly as much pain as three weeks ago.

Don’t get me wrong, these may only seem like baby steps, but someone with MS, baby steps are steps in the right directions.  These baby step lead to hope.  My hope right now is to be able to take my daughter to the zoo by the end of the summer without worry too much about falling or needing an assistive walking device.

The first pain clinic was the first day I used it.  The second pain clinic, people will be able to see my progress.  I am so excited about this!

If you are in Cincinnati, Ohio and would like more information about the upcoming Pain clinic, you can provide your information under the “contact” tab at the top of the site.

Thanks so much for coming on this exciting journey with me!

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