MS Relief

Uhthoff’s Phenomenon: MS Heat Intolerance

Now that we’re heading into the hot summer months in most parts of the United States,  I want to talk about why multiple sclerosis symptoms worsen in the summer heat!     First described by Wilhelm Uhthoff  in 1890  the temporary worsening of vision and other neurologic symptoms when the body is overheated is  now

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Train Your Brain – the Tetris Effect According to Shawn Achor, the Tetris Effect is the KEY to why our brains are so powerful when linked with repetitive activities.   After finishing the game of Tetris there is a cognitive afterimage where the  brain automatically searches for things to organize. Brain gets stuck in the after image where the brain

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In our early days of marriage, to earn extra money, my husband was dropping bundles for the local news paper. He’d have to wake up at 2 am to get the papers dropped off at the carrier’s sites. When he didn’t get there on time, the Anchorage Daily News would call. One morning I heard

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Redmond Sea Salt   Redmond Sea Salt     Swimming cramps can be alleviated with salt! When I started experiencing cramps in my legs, the life guard brought out the salt shaker and poured some on my hand. I licked up the salt and miraculously my cramps disappeared.   When I got home I Googled information

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Food Grade E

With video Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 1.First we need to talk about Diatoms. Diatoms are the one celled plant creature that makes Diatomaceous Earth.   There are thousands of types of diatoms all for the purpose of synthesizing water.  Billions of these beautiful diatoms are in every cubic meter of water everywhere.   When

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